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Welcome to My Digital Brand.

LinkedIn profile and content creation done for you.

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

We have all heard that saying before.

However, what is new is the digital-first world we now work, live and play in.

We are living in a world of digital-first. A world where people google and research online before they reach you in person.

When you consider 88% of buyers research online before making a purchase, now is the time to take control of your digital reputation with My Digital Brand (MDB).

We attract clients seeking the right opportunities to grow their business and showcase their expertise generating a robust online digital reputation. Essentially, we manage how to the world sees you online.

LinkedIn Strategy Development
Done For You.

Engage with clear confidence.

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LinkedIn Done For You
Done For You.

Engage, Influence, and Grow Your Network.

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LinkedIn Done With You
Done For You.

Engage with clear confidence.

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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you make a great digital first impression.

Kylie Chown

Director and Stratagist

Libby Dewberry

Marketing, Team and Projects

Abbie Bowen

Content Creator

Matilda Newman

Content Creator

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