7 ways LinkedIn can help your construction business.

Construction companies are finding great value in leveraging LinkedIn to support their business growth.

In 2022, the Construction industry was the 3rd largest represented on LinkedIn with 14,504,000 profiles.

Companies are using the platform to establish their expertise by sharing information, news about the industry, and interesting content about their teams, clients and their projects. It’s also a fantastic platform for connecting with professionals and building relationships that translate to business growth.

Using LinkedIn along with a company website adds a crucial element to the marketing mix: humanising a brand.

Regardless of the industry, business gets done when people know, like and trust each other to work together for mutual benefit.

LinkedIn allows you to amplify these factors by showcasing the people behind the brand and gives others insight to what goes on behind the scenes.

Having a great website is like a blueprint that gives people an overview of what your business does; but a strong LinkedIn presence is like giving potential clients and strategic partners a personalised tour of your best projects.

Here are 7 ways LinkedIn can help your construction business.

1 – Position Your People and Your Company Page

Potential customers, suppliers and contractors use LinkedIn profiles the same way they do a website: to get a feel for your company including the people and culture, to evaluate your work, to make sure you seem trustworthy, and to see what other people are saying about you. If your ideal client landed on your company page today and scanned your team, are you giving them a personalised tour of your best projects?

2 – Share Projects You’ve Worked On

When showcasing your projects on LinkedIn, make sure to focus on the aspects that matter most. While keeping client confidentiality in mind, highlight the problem you tackled, your role in the project, and the amazing outcomes you achieved.

Given the nature of the work there are some great visual opportunities available. Before-and-after photos, overhead drone content and videos are helpful in showcasing the transformation of your projects.

3 – Stand Out as a Potential Employer

LinkedIn Talent Solutions have shared that to pique the interest of qualified candidates in the construction industry, you’ll need to develop a meaningful connection with them. This can be accomplished by establishing a strong employer brand and communicating opportunities through a number of channels.

Through content, showcasing employees, social engagements and the work environment can also help, as can promoting perks and demonstrating that you’re an employer that values its staff and their contribution.

4 – Demonstrate and Share Your Construction Knowledge

Content is a powerful tool to make your voice heard and establish yourself as a leader in the construction  industry. When you regularly post valuable content, you reach more people and create top-of-mind awareness for your company.

It’s an effective way to show others that you’re an expert in your field, while also facilitating connection. It will also make you appealing to contractors and other project suppliers.

5 – Network with Other Professionals

LinkedIn serves as a robust networking tool, facilitating connections between professionals in the construction sector. Construction workers, engineers, architects, and project managers can all utilise the platform, exposing themselves to valuable opportunities, engaging in knowledge sharing, and fostering potential collaborations for future projects.

LinkedIn’s networking capabilities thus prove instrumental in expanding professional horizons and fostering growth within the construction industry.

Given the project basis of construction work it is worth connecting with people you meet at a jobsite and connecting with professional associations to maximise your benefits from LinkedIn.

6 – Stay on Top of Industry Trends and Projects

As one of the top industries to utilise LinkedIn, construction-related content is a hot topic. LinkedIn has several features that allow you to see what others are doing, such as following industry leaders, tracking projects, viewing profile recommendations, and following hashtags.

 Learning and Development

The sheer volume of experts in a variety of topics on LinkedIn means an abundance of learning and development content is available for consumption. In addition to this organic learning, LinkedIn also offers the opportunity for structured, self-paced learning with optional certification.

As you can see LinkedIn is the perfect platform to display the human element of your brand, connect with professionals, and showcase your company’s value proposition all while giving potential clients and strategic partners a personalised tour of your best projects.

Consistent and active engagement on the platform is key to deriving maximum benefits and growth. Regularly update your page, share valuable content, engage with your network, and monitor analytics to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

In a highly competitive market, a strong LinkedIn presence will give you just the edge you need to break through for business growth.

If you need some extra support, feel free to get in touch or click here to book a time and we can provide some advice to help you maximise the benefits of LinkedIn.