Make your LinkedIn profile stand out in 2023

We might be a couple of months into a new year, but aspirations are still hanging around. We have all heard, ‘new year, new me’, but what about ‘new year, new profile’?

Here are some key components of your LinkedIn profile that should be reviewed to make sure it’s performing in 2023:


When it comes to LinkedIn real estate, you don’t get more of a prime location than this! Maximise its full potential by using imagery that will capture your audience’s attention and create a great digital first impression.

Profile Photo

With social media, people ‘meet’ you online before they ever meet you in person. This is why it is essential that you choose an appropriate profile photo so that you can make your desired first impression. Think about how you want to convey yourself and check your picture to ensure it is communicating the right message.

Name Pronunciation

One downside of the digital world is that we don’t get a chance to verbalise things like names. Avoid any awkwardness by making it clear exactly how your name is pronounced, and make a commitment to learn how to pronounce other people’s names. That way, things will go much more smoothly when you finally get to meet in person.


Entice your audience to read more about you with a catchy headline. At the very least, it should provide enough information to engage somebody and make it clear who you help. 


Your summary should be a compelling snapshot of who you are and what you do. It’s the perfect place to showcase your knowledge and capabilities, engaging your audience and ensuring that they read more.


The experience section is where you can provide evidence to support any claims made in your summary. Financial genius? Exceptional leader? Tech whiz? Show it by outlining the roles and experience you possess that have allowed you to develop these skills.  


There’s nothing worse than having to type a URL consisting of randomly generated numbers and letters. Ensure you have a vanity URL that directly specifies where it navigates (i.e. to make a professional first impression and also help people find you.

Contact Details

Review all of your contact details to ensure they are complete and accurate. You don’t want to miss out on any potential opportunities!


Boost your credibility by showing the world you know your stuff. A comprehensive education section demonstrates that you’ve done the training to support your work. If you have a degree or any relevant qualification, make sure it’s added here.


The majority of your LinkedIn profile is written from your own perspective, which, while valid, is only one side of the story. Give your audience a more complete picture by sharing testimonials from other people.

Company Page

 If you’re trying to build a company brand through your personal brand, make sure that the two are connected. Having a complete LinkedIn profile will attract potential clients and if you are connected to your company page, it will drive traffic there too. 

Call to Action

Don’t make people guess the next step. Instead, make it easy for your audience to connect further by providing a call to action. This will make it much more likely that people will get in touch.

All sections

Review your profile to ensure there is information in each section. A complete profile makes a much better first impression, plus it’s a waste not to utilise every section available!

A quick review of these areas will ensure that your profile is optimised and ready to get you results in 2023.

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