3 Steps To Manage Your Online Reputation For Maximum Impact

I was talking with a business owner the other day about how easy it is to find information on the internet. At any time of the day you can search for almost anything online.

The same goes for people and businesses. Searching somebody’s name online is a bit like the modern-day Yellow Pages. Most people are out there and you can find a lot out about them by doing a quick search.

Business to Community recently reported that 57% of typical purchasing decisions are made before a customer even talks to a supplier.  

It also predicted that by 2020, customers will have 85% of their relationship with an online enterprise established before they interact with a human.

Three things you can start doing today to manage your online reputation for greatest impact include:

Get Clarity: Determine your current online reputation. Before you can manage it, you need to be able to understand it.

Audit your Google search results once or twice a month. Be sure there is no negative content among your top Google results. Even better is to ensure all this top content supports your future goals and objectives. Also use Google Alerts to set up a notification of your name. Start receiving email notifications of when your name is mentioned online. 

Get Control: Start influencing what others post about you on social media.

First, review your settings on social media to ensure they are set to private. This means you can’t be tagged in content without permission. By having control of your online format, you can manage it in a way that supports your professional goals. 

Get Creative: The best way to manage content is to create it!

Manage your online reputation by building content which supports your brand. By proactively creating positive content, you’ll suppress negative content.

You might also like to secure your name as a URL. Even if you’re not planning on using it anytime soon, it’s an ideal way to future-proof your online presence. Think of it as your digital real estate. Once it’s sold to someone else, it can be costly to get back.

You need to manage your online reputation as an ongoing activity. This will help ensure potential clients aren’t deterred when they look you up online in the future.

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Kylie Chown is the founder of My Digital Brand. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked with thousands of people to help them grow their business and careers using LinkedIn and managing their online digital brand.

In 2019, she was named the #2 LinkedIn Trainer in Asia-Pacific by the Social Media Marketing Institute. She was included in the Top 10 LinkedIn Experts in 2018. In 2019, she was a finalist in the Social Media Marketing Awards for the “Best Use of LinkedIn”. 

She is the first Certified Social Media Crisis Advisor in Australia,  1 of only 7 people in Australia to be certified as a Social Branding Analyst by Reach in the USA and a Certified Professional in Online Reputation Management.

You can find more information on our website or email us at hello@mydigitalbrand.com.au.