What I Said That Make Someone Hide Their LinkedIn Profile – Your Digital Impression

A couple of months ago I was presenting at a conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre. 

I was talking about how to grow your reputation and reduce your risk on LinkedIn

Later in the day, an attendee came up to me. 

She told me she was in my presentation. 

Great! I like to ask for feedback, so I asked her what she thought of the presentation. 

“Awesome”, she said, “I put my LinkedIn profile in hidden mode as soon as I left the conference room.”

Now, this wasn’t exactly what I had expected.

But as I talked to her I realised that she had done the right thing.


In her case, she has previously been an employee and had recently set-up her business.

Now LinkedIn is great for business, but for her, here is why hiding her account was a good thing. 

Her profile content:  The main reason was, her profile didn’t accurately reflect her goals and objectives. She had created her profile a few years ago when she was in a different industry and role. And hadn’t updated it. 

As a result, it didn’t accurately represent what she was doing now. 

She went on to tell me that she had met people at the event . She could see how they would be confused by her LinkedIn profile when she reached out to connect with them.

Her skill endorsements: She had skill endorsement from people she didn’t know. For skills she didn’t have. This was not only affecting her search engine optimisation but her positioning online.

Her experience details: Her experience section was incomplete and in points, inaccurate. This meant that people who viewed her profile were unable to get an accurate understanding of her skills and capabilities. 

Although these reasons are all different, they all come back to one key message from my presentation.

Her digital first impression.

Her digital impression wasn’t presenting her online how she presented in person. 

People (including customers) will meet her (and you) online before they met her in person. 

By hiding her LinkedIn profile, she could update it, and make it reflective of her current goals and strategy. 

You only have one chance at a first impression.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

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